The Science of Quieter Cities
Bright Lights, Quieter Cities?
Can we silence the sounds of the city?

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics
Member of the Acoustical Society of America
Chartered Engineer (CEng)
National Council Acoustical Consultants


BSI Committee B/264/1 revising British Standard BS 5228 and BS8233


Contributor to Federal Guidance on office design, GSA PBS ‘Sound Matters: How to achieve acoustic comfort in the contemporary office’
Author of publications and papers:
• Minimizing noise from domestic fan systems BRE Good Building Guide, BRE
• BRE Guide Radon and Buildings 2: Minimising noise from radon sumps, BRE XL4
• ‘Sound insulation between dwellings – A post construction/preoccupancy requirement and test’ Proc IOA V22 Part 2 (2000) pp89-94
• ‘Developments in the control of noise and vibration from construction sites in the UK’ Proc Internoise 96, pp1989-1994
• ‘Overview on Codes of Practice’ Pro IOA V16 Part 3 (1994)
• ‘An engineering method of assessing noise from metal fragmentisers’ Proc IOA V17 Part 5 (1995)
• Practical implications of a post-construction/pre-occupancy sound insulation test Proc IoA V24 (2000)
• Sound design not noise control: 400years of hindsight and 10 years of foresight. AIA Miami 2010
• Synergies between acoustic professionals: why we need to talk. WFAE Koli, Finland 2010
• Innovation and Optimization in Noise Barrier Design, 8th World Congress on High Speed Rail, Philadelphia, 2012
• A Proposal to Encourage Residential Grey Water Use, 14th MGBCE, Los Angeles, 2015

Contributor to UK Government guidance and legislation:

• Approved Document E to the Building Regulations
• PPG24 Planning and Noise
• A new proposed neighbor noise offence

Involvement in Government Documents:

• Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Volume 11 Section 3 Part 7
• Draft DOE Environmental Impact Assessment proposal
• Contributor to Publications:
• BREEAM Existing offices
• BREEAM New offices
• The BRE Office Toolkit